My Journey to a Better Life with Pilates

As I grew older, I’ve realized how physical activity greatly affects my well-being. That’s why I’m very thankful that I have learned about Pilates before it’s too late. It has been an awesome journey for me doing Pilates regularly. These are how Pilates has helped me all through these years:

  1. Increases My Core Strength

Known for its impact on the body’s core, Pilates really helped in improving my core strength.
Lots of Pilates routines require me to keep my torso in place while working my extremities in different directions. Doing this enhances my balance and flexibility and as time passes by, it eventually strengthens my core.

The stronger that my core becomes, the more confident I am now of tackling even those chores that I used to perceive as too physically demanding.

  1. Enhances My Balance

Adulthood brought changes to my body. As I add up the years, I noticed that my balance isn’t the same as it was when I was a little younger. After a few weeks of doing regular Pilates, improvements in my ability to balance became noticeable. Doing my everyday activities, wherein reaching for something or just simply walking around no longer gave me that fear that I could fall over anytime.

  1. Improves My Flexibility and Mobility

One of the most noticeable developments I got from Pilates is my improved mobility and flexibility. Practicing Pilates is a great help in expanding muscles. Instead of clumping them up, Pilates focuses on stretching them.

As a result, they become leaner and longer. And I can definitely tell the improvements not just from those that it gave me in the physical appearance of my body. This improved flexibility and mobility has also become apparent in the way I perform my daily chores whether at home or at work.

  1. Reduces My Menstrual Pain

As a woman, having period cramps is one of the most painful experiences that I have to endure every month. Pilates exercises proved helpful in my monthly pains. This helps improve blood flow to my stomach and pelvis. It contracts then stretches the muscles in that area.

The best part of it is that I can definitely feel how Pilates is working to make my muscles and bones a lot stronger. My Pilates routines help loosen the cramps and mitigate the tension there. The result is less pain during my monthly period.

  1. Opens Up My Body’s Awareness

Aside from the physical benefits, Pilates also has a great impact on my mind. This exercise helps improve my body’s awareness. I have noticed a significant improvement in the coordination of mind and body. While performing each movement, it requires my full attention, wherein my body and mind come together.

Another benefit I got from regularly practicing Pilates is the ability to focus on my breathing. It helps me calm my mind as it also improves my mood all day. The right practice of breathing reduces the symptoms of stress which I used to be so prone to suffer.

With improved awareness of my body, I have also learned to value more the importance of eating well and adhering to everything that leads me to lead a healthy and better quality of living.

  1. Boosts My Immunity

Part of being older is the deteriorating immunity I have in my body. But today, I learned how to give importance to it as I continue to indulge in Pilates every week. One thing I am thankful for is that practicing Pilates is a total health package for my well-being.

It benefits not just my mind and body; it also improves my whole being inside and out. These routines make my blood circulation better which results in an improved immune system.

Pilates has proven to make my life better. I hope everyone will include this as part of their daily life. Perhaps you can check out this pilates page and decide by yourself when to begin. Instead of slacking off in a corner, I’m glad I’ve started doing these routines. How about you?