Physical Therapy Has Helped Me Become More Flexible, Healthier and Stronger

physiotherapyI have been living a happy and contented life. I have two kids that keep me inspired in everything I do. Though my every day is typically filled with busy schedule and fun memories, I can’t help but notice that there is a continuous decline in my flexibility, health and strength over the last several years. Though I always try to eat healthy food most of the time, there are still times that I can’t help but resort to processed and instant foods.

In addition, I also try to jog at least three times a week but I wasn’t able to really keep a consistent schedule of outdoor exercises. These are the factors that I think have contributed to the decline in my physical abilities and capabilities. I plan to strictly implement a healthy lifestyle, which means that I will stick to a diet and exercise program. However, I also want to have some kind of treatment that will help me relax and regain my body’s vigor and youthfulness. One day while on my way to work, I received a brochure about a clinic that offers physical therapy or physiotherapy in our area in Werribee.    

When I read the brochure, I immediately got interested in physiotherapy. I was also surprised when I knew that there are actually several physio spas and clinics in our area. From what I have read, I concluded that physical therapy is something that I need. Though I don’t have any serious physical injuries, the therapy is also meant and designed for people who are having problems with their mobility, flexibility and other conditions related to ability of the body to move and perform its functions normally and effectively. These pushed me to look for a physiotherapy clinic in Werribee that has been well established and is known for its credibility. Like in other products and services that I purchase and avail, I always consider the name and years of operation in the business. To me, these are major determining factors in the reliability and credibility of the provider. 

After my work that day, I walked in at the clinic I chose. I wanted to ask several things about physiotherapy so I can have a better understanding and wise decision. Inside the clinic, one of the receptionist entertained me and I immediately asked the first of my many questions. I asked the therapist to explain to me more how physical therapy can help me in my condition. As I have mentioned earlier, there is a decline in my body movements and other physical abilities. The therapist explained to me that the core principle of physio is the involvement of the patients in their own care through awareness, empowerment, education, and participation in the treatment. She added further that the therapy is a science-based profession that involves the whole body of a person in an approach that strives for better wellbeing and health. The approach includes evaluation and changes in the general lifestyle of the patient.  

She then gave me explanations that are specific to my case. I learned that what I need is to stick to my plan of having a consistent diet and exercise program. On top of that, I was told that I also need to follow a set of range of motion exercises that she will prescribe to me. These exercises, according to her, are designed to help my arms, legs and the whole body regain their flexibility and ability to move more efficiently. These exercises, when done regularly, will bring back the optimal mobility of my body. She also emphasized that continued execution of range of motion exercises will also strengthen the immune system. This will consequently result to a healthier and stronger body. She also noted that the strength of everything inside the body relies on the condition of the immune system.  

Before I left the clinic, I also asked about the other benefits. The therapist gladly discussed with me that physio is also effective in helping the body prevent disability, injury and disease. It is effective in managing activity limitations, participation restrictions, and acute and chronic conditions. After our lengthy discussion, she also performed some light massages on my joints and explained to me the importance of relaxation and physical therapy massage. 

It’s already one week after I visited the clinic. Though it’s not yet a significant amount of time to determine whether or not physical therapy is effective or not, I can definitely say that it’s working because I can move a little better now.  

Physiotherapy is an important method of treatment that can really help oneself recover from pain and other ailments. It is also through physiotherapy that one get back to a normal way of life. Apart from physiotherapy, another non-invasive method of treatment is acupuncture. You can learn more about this when you click here.