Health Supplements That Can Truly Make You Healthy

health supplementsThe continuous developments and discoveries in science and technology have made our lives a lot easier and more convenient nowadays. There are numerous tools that can make every task simpler and easier to accomplish. There are also drugs and treatments that can cure even the diseases that were once untreatable. However, these advancements, such as the availability of convenience stores and processed food, have made our body susceptible to health risks. The availability and convenience of smoothies and sodas, for example, has resulted to higher number of people suffering from diabetes and urinary tract infection.

With these, there is a need to have a change in our eating and overall lifestyle. In the past, there have been many different types of diet that were introduced to us so we can achieve certain goals such as losing weight and strengthening the immune system. Alongside these diets, there have also been a lot of health supplements that swarm the market promising people of better health condition. The Essential Health Foods’ Facebook page has relevant information about the supplements that can work best for you.

You may be wondering about the different kinds of health supplements and their benefits. To help out, below is a list of food supplement that are also considered as health supplements.

Dietary Supplements

A lot of companies have been trying to penetrate the supplements market because it has been in boom during the last several years. Many of them are offering their own brand of health supplement that is specifically categorized as dietary supplement. These supplements are especially formulated to achieve certain goals such as helping users lose weight and main a fit and healthy lifestyle. Usually, these companies say that their dietary supplements are made with ingredients rich in antioxidants, calcium and vitamins. Dietary supplements have become instantly popular particularly among women. The many television programs about weight loss have inspired them to also lose a significant amount of weight. So aside from regular exercise, they resorted to the consumption of dietary supplements.


Also called smart drugs ad brain supplements, nootropics are health supplements designed to help improve the function of the brain. Usually, nootropics aim to help the brain gain an increase in focus, mental alertness and better memory. In recent years, a number of nootropic brands have aggressively marketed themselves to win the patronage of thousands of customers. They do this through the highlighting of the ingredients they use. Many of these nootropics have ingredients that contain creatinine, rhodiola rosea, choline, piracetam, arginine, bacopa Monnieri, ad others that are said to be very helpful in making the brain more functional and powerful. This kind of health supplements have become very popular among young professionals who want to be able to work for longer hours. Even fitness buffs consume this so they can perform workouts and challenging activities for a much longer time.

Pure Juice Extracts

In the last several years also, another craze has made a hype among fitness conscious people especially among women. The juicing diet as become an instant hit because many were instantly convinced about its numerous and amazing benefits. Unlike other supplements that are taken in the form of capsule or powder, the juicing diet relies on the use of natural and organic fruits and vegetables that are put in a newly designed juice extractor to extract the pure juice and leave the fiber and other solid parts. The pure juice extract is then consumed as it is during the different parts of the day as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals. Aside from the fact that it is far better and more effective that than those produced in laboratories, people can also achieve specific goals using different combinations of fruits and vegetables. For example, if you want to have smoother and more glowing skin, then you can combine juice extracts of lemon, carrot, and other fruits or vegetable that have high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are great sources of caffeine, which is also part of the many health supplements nowadays. With this, both tea and coffee are also considered as health supplements. They can help you achieve certain goals when taken on a regular basis. Tea for example is known for its rich amount of antioxidants. This makes tea effective in making the skin look younger and smoother. The tea is also effective in fighting free radicals that roam inside our body. In this way, tea is able to help us maintain good health and keep our immune system strong. Coffee, on the other hand, is like nootropic supplements because it is effective in helping you keep focused and alert.

With these different kinds of health supplements, you can decide for yourself which one to choose to achieve a healthier and stronger immune system and overall health status.

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