My Self-care: Not Skimping on Facial Treatment

Filters can only do so much for photos. When seeing my family and friends after being apart from each other for so long, I know I need to show them in person that I’m doing fine. They need not worry about me.

I am capable of the things that life throws at me. All of these reasons are why I invest in great skin essentials — tried and tested products and regular visits to my amazing skincare clinic.

I need to highlight my positive points and that includes my smooth skin. I believe that investing in myself will never result in losses, only gains.

It’s Alright to Sometimes Be Critical

Of yourself, yes but only for a necessary purpose. I often schedule my weekends to sit down in front of the mirror and do my body checks.

Then I look over at my newly purchased body products and make a list of all of their names, their brands and their specific uses. I make an assessment if these are worth it or just plain old wasteful.

I am currently at the stage of my life where I am more experimental of the facial products that I am willing to try. For so long, I have used the same brands of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, facial masks, etc.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? That saying is true but it is just fun to try what new products are out there in the market.

What I Have and What I Look For

When choosing what products I need to have on the shelf all the time, I now take my age into consideration. My skin has already changed four life cycles and lightweight products for teens just do not cut it anymore.

For my oily skin type, I have foaming facial cleansers and purifying facial cleansers. I use toners with BHAs, AHAs and PHAs. I have oil absorbing moisturizers, as well as oil-free mattifying moisturizers.

Almost all of my moisturizers have anti-aging ingredients. I have sunscreens of up to SPF 50. Then, I make sure to look for varieties of these products with natural ingredients.

When Good Products are Just Not Enough

Even with my meticulous collection of quality facial products, I know that there are numerous reasons why I breakout a day before a company party.

My face gets bloated just hours before taking new ID pictures. Then my boss asks me to do a presentation in two days where I don’t get any rest and thus results to a very tired-looking version of me talking in front office executives.

This is when having a trusted skincare clinic comes in handy. I know how we all show signs of stress when we are under pressure. But we don’t always have to let it show.

Skin and body clinics exist to do wonders. They offer instant brightening, smoothening, and hydration facials. These targeted fixes are the boost we need for those days when all the products we own are just not enough.

Marking Your Favourites

Just reading the words skin replenishment makes you feel like your feet are on top of a chair while you browse through magazines and take a sip of an ice-cold fruit juice.

Well, that is one of the things that skincare clinics offer. They give us beauty and relaxation experience even for a few hours of our day.

I make sure I have my trusted clinics in my contact favourites. In times of beauty emergency and I am in panic mode, I know just who to call and schedule a visit. It helps when you’re a regular because the staff knows your skin type and they offer you the best deals.

My current go-to clinic is I went in for their Glow-Getter facial and I left with glowing skin, great skincare advice and a relaxed body.

Skin care is a good personal investment. You need to treat yourself after you wear yourself out. And the best feeling is when you know you get what you are paying for and more.